barry king 雕刻刀刻出來的線條~barry king 有很多型號的雕刻刀,寫信去問了問,一般皮夾類的雕花適合哪一款.以下是官方的回覆內容

I would recommend a 3/8 or 7/16 barrel with a 1/4" blade, thin.  The
smaller diameter(3/8) will turn faster for the floral work, the other size
is just slightly larger and easier to grip with your hand.
The 1/4" blade, thin, is the most common for smaller floral work, as you
are doing.  I like a straight blade, but an angle blade is also available,
they are all thin too.
All the knives are adjustable in height, with about 2.5cm of adjustment.
I hope this helps.
Barry King

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